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For those people who have a large number of DVDs and want to get DVD movies on new iPad 2017, you may have got a DVD converter which helps you to degitalize DVDs. Playing DVD movies on the new iPad on the go would be very nice. However, there are tons of DVD rippers in this world, which comes as the best one? Read on.


Part one: Best Tool to Copy a DVD on Mac for new iPad 2017

Part two: Get DVD movies playable on new iPad 2017

Part three: Use iTunes to sync DVD backups to new iPad 2017


Part one: Best Tool to Copy a DVD on Mac for new iPad 2017

As we all know, new iPad 2017 doesn’t has a built-in-DVD-ROM or DVD player directly. Without DVD drive new iPad 2017 cannot play DVD directly for commercial DVDs are protected by CSS region code, prevents from copying the digital copy to new iPad 2017. So here come tons of DVD to iPad converters which can remove DVD copy protection and shift DVD formats.

Pavtube BDMagic for Mac is such DVD converter for Mac you deserve to try. It can stumble over copy protection schemes and then convert DVD to new iPad 2017 supported H.265/HEVC, H.264/MPEG4 encoded MP4, MOV, M4V video files. With it, transforming any DVD movie into a video format that is compatible with the new iPad 2017 will be an easy task. This program not only works for iPad but also for iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S9, Gear VR, XBox One, PS4 Pro, Vizio TV, Apple TV 5 and more.

With the help of this program, you can adjust video and audio encoder codec, bitrate, frame rate, sample rate, channel before you start conversion. You can trim a clip from the feature-length DVD video then you can upload the DVD clip to YouTube, Vimeo, FaceBook for sharing or import the DVD fragment to Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas Pro, Davinci Resolve for editing. You also can add external SRT/ASS/SSA subtitles to your DVD movies or replace the audio in the video for foreign language learning or other demands. More features like cropping DVD aspect ratio for different devices, changing video effects, and more are waiting for your discovery.

Part two: Get DVD movies playable on new iPad 2017

Up to now, you maybe can’t wait for getting DVD movies on new iPad 2017. Following we will go with Mac version to show you how to convert DVD to new iPad 2017 compatible format for playback. Its Windows version has the same operating procedure.

Step 1: Download BDMagic for Mac and install it. Insert the DVD into your DVD drive, then click the Disc button at the top-left to load the DVD disc videos into the DVD to iPad Ripper. If you want to rip DVD with forced subtitles, you can select one of your desired subtitle from “Subtitles” drop-down list, then Check “Forced subtitles” option besides “Subtitle”.

Tips: BDMagic for Mac is also a great Blu-ray Ripper for Mac which enables users to rip Blu-ray to iPad easily. Just insert Blu-ray disc to optional drive and load Blu-ray movies into BDMagic for Mac.

1399176644 How to Get DVD on New iPad 2017 for Playback

Step 2: When you load DVD discs into the ripping software, the program will read it and list all the chapters on the left. Then click “Format” to open the profile window. You can use the program to output iPad 2017 supported H.264 HD video or MPEG-4 video, here, we choose to output H.264 HD video as the screenshots below:

rip blu ray to mp4 imac macbook pro How to Get DVD on New iPad 2017 for Playback

You can also directly choose to output iPad preset profile format for direct playback. As iPad 2017 has the same format compatibility as iPad Air, here, you can choose to output “iPad” > “iPad Air Full HD Video(*.mp4)”.

rip blu ray to ipad air 2 mp4 How to Get DVD on New iPad 2017 for Playback

Step 3: To get full digital enjoyment with new iPad (2017), you can click the “Settings” button to go to the “Profile Settings” interface to adjust video size, bitrate, frame rate and sample rate as you like. When all the setting is completed, go back to the main interface and hit right-bottom convert button to start to copy DVD to the new iPad(2017).

Part three: Use iTunes to sync DVD backups to new iPad 2017

After the conversion, you can locate the DVD rips in output folder. Then you can put the converted DVD video from your computer to new iPad 2017 with iTunes. Below are the detailed steps. (If you don’t use iTunes, there are other ways to make you add media files to new iPad 2017 without iTunes)

1.) You need to install iTunes on your new iPad 2017 to synchronize to your Mac with iTunes. See Secrets of iTunes or ask at the Apple Store if you need help; you probably set this back when you bought your new iPad 2017.

2.) When you connect your new iPad 2017 to your Mac, click on its icon on the left side of iTunes.

3.) Click on “Movies” along the top bar in iTunes.

4.) Be sure “Sync Movies” is checked to copy your movies into your new iPad 2017.

The new iPad 2017 will only hold about as many movies as it is rated in GB. Therefore, a 64GB device might hold 64DVDs. This means that you probably won’t be able to copy your entire DVD library to your new iPad 2017 at once, and you will have to select which movies you want at any one time.

5.) Check “Automatically include all” if your device has enough memory (look along the bottom for a bar graph), or don’t check it and select below which movies you want recorded into your new iPad 2017.

6.) Click “Sync” at the bottom, and the movies will copy into your device. It will take a few minutes for each movie.

7.) You may select different movies or each of your devices at the “Movies” tab along the top.

8.) To change the movies on your device, connect your device, change the selections under the Movies tab, and hit Sync again. it will take a few minutes per new movie to copy them.

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