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Convert & transfer Blu-ray movies to iTunes on Mac mini for syncing

April 8th, 2014 | Posted by mobmshare in Apple

I have a Mac mini. With a large collection of Blue-ray movies, I want to make them more organized by converting them into .m4v for iTunes library on Mac mini normally. So I searched for “Blu-ray ripper mac” to help me transcoding the Blu-ray movie file. That’s when I started looking around for another way. What I found that worked best was an application called Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper for Mac, a top Mac BD/DVD Ripping Tool.

The program is a great little application that allows you to convert your Blu-ray movies to iTunes compatible format on your Mac without quality loss for smoothly streaming with Apple TV 3, iPad Air/iPad Mini 2, iPhone and MacBook Air and other iOS devices. I like its variety of options. Follow the steps below to learn how to perform it.

Convert/Transfer Blu-ray movies to Mac iTunes for streaming to Apple TV 3, iPhone and MacBook Air with original HD quality

Step 1: Launch the best Blu-ray Ripper for Mac, drag and drop the Blu-ray movies to the software.

blu ray to ipad 4 Convert & transfer Blu ray movies to iTunes on Mac mini for syncing

Step 2: Click on the pull down menu of “Format” and then tap “Common Video”, the preset “M4V – MPEG-R Video(*.m4v)” is recommended to you. The profile is supported by iTunes perfectly.

m4v format Convert & transfer Blu ray movies to iTunes on Mac mini for syncing

Step 3: Start the process by converting Blu-ray to Mac iTunes for iPhone and MacBook Air with m4v format.

Step 5: Import the converted m4v file into iTunes (drag .m4v file to the iTunes icon on the dock)

Import m4v file into iTunes. Open up iTunes and follow “File>> Add file to Library…” to sync ripped Blu-ray 1080p movie to iTunes.

On Apple TV 3, iPhone and MacBook Air, I browse the iTunes library for the movie and it plays smoothly and at full quality. I don’t think it could get much simpler unless of course, Apple provides native support for Blu-Ray which doesn’t seem likely.

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