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DVDFab removed decryption function from their software as their official website-dvafab.com was seized by AACS-LA due to an injunction of an US court. It is really a big loss for the people who like to make backups of their favorite movies from DVDs to many portable devices for easily watching. It is a great freeware to solve a lot of problems with DVDs. It can make perfect DVDs duplicates to hard drives and blank discs and convert DVDs to many kinds of formats suitable for different devices.

look for the alternative to dvdfab The Best DVDFab DVD Ripper Alternative on Windows 8.1: Pavtube DVDAid

However, it could not meet all the consumers’ needs because of some shortcomings and restrictions, like audio and video being out of sync and some limited output formats. Since it has removed decrypting function,just forget it and try to look for some alternatives to DVDFab DVD Ripper.

If you are doing so, you must read this article to know the best DVDFab alternative to backup your DVD discs.

What can the best DVDFab alternative do?

-It should be easy to use.

-It should be able to rip, copy, convert and make backups of DVDs with lossless quality.

-It should be able to output 3D different formats videos.

-It should be able to output H.264 high profile video and H.265 HD video.

-It should be able to transfer quickly without a long time waiting.

-It should be able to make the movie smaller size if the consumer has limited capacity.

That’s what Pavtube DVDAid- the best choice instead of DVDFab can do. Let’s see how the best DVDFab DVD Ripper works.

Tips: If you are using Mac, refer to Top 10 DVDFab Alternatives to find suitable DVD ripper for Mac.

How to Use The Best DVDFab DVD Ripper to Rip and Create Backups of Your DVD Discs You Own?

Step 1. Load a DVD movie

Download,install and launch the best alternative to DVDFab DVD Ripper. Load an original DVD disc or DVD IFO/ISO file or DVD folder. You can choose the subtitles (forced subtitles) and audio track type if you like.

dvd to mp4 The Best DVDFab DVD Ripper Alternative on Windows 8.1: Pavtube DVDAid

Step 2. Click the output format bar

There are various output readable formats for you to choose, like mp4, m4v, mov, mkv, wmv, avi, etc. Or you can choose one playable format depending on which portable deviceHard Disk or H.265-compatible player you have.

mp4 format1 The Best DVDFab DVD Ripper Alternative on Windows 8.1: Pavtube DVDAid

Step 3. Start to make the backup of the DVD

Just click the “Convert” down and it will start to duplicate the whole DVD. After the conversion, you can move the movie to the device you have and watch and just enjoy. All right, above is how to use the best alternative tool to DVDFab, so easy!


As we mentioned before, if you want to create an unbroken movie, you can choose “copy the entire disc” way to backup your movie.

If you don’t want to wait for a long ripping time and hope the big original movie will become a smaller size, you can choose “directly copy” way. You can set the “Size(pix)” and “Bitrate(kbps)” in “Settings”. Choosing a smaller bitrate will output a smaller movie. Unfortunately, this way can only copy the main movie of the DVD with the chapters information missing.

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