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Haven’t figured out a strategy or got any plan to show as well as tell your mom how much you love her at 2014 Mother’s Day? Take a look at up to 40% off Specials and Deals from Pavtube Facebook!

Good news: 2014 Mother’s Day is just around the corner, have you got something unique and special for Mom? A bunch of flowers? It droops easily. A Mother & Baby Pendant, a bracelet, or a pair of earrings? Sounds nice but first you have to pick out the right style. LOL. Anyway, they can be easily lost too. So this Mother’s Day, let’s give mom a super surprise!

To thanks for your faithful support during the past years, Pavtube now offer 30% off ByteCopy, 40% off Ultimate Converter and 40% off DVD Ripper as 2014 Mother’s Day specials for your beloved Mom. It starts from May 8th to 12th, five days in total.  Time-limited! Never Miss these promotion items!

This is 2014 Mother’s Day best Gift Idea from Pavtube Facebook

1. 30% off Pavtube ByteCopy Windows/Mac

A magic Blu-ray/DVD ripping software (Pro version), it’s not only capable of ripping Blu-ray/DVD to desire formats (MP4, MOV, M4V, TS, MKV, AVI, WMV, MPG, VOB, etc), but also offer a Multi-track preset to enable you backup movie to lossless MKV or MP4/MOV/ProRes with multiple audio tracks and subtitles, so that you can free choose wanted languages during playback. Now start watching your favorite BD/DVD discs with your deal mom.

2. 40% off Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate/iMedia Converter for Mac

The best deal of Ultimate Converter ever! With this tool at hand, you’re not only able to rip Blu-ry/DVD movies, but also convert footages of Mom and make a easy-to-watch video to put on portable devices, computers, to video editing programs or uploading to your YouTube channel.

3. 40% off Pavtube DVD Ripper Windows/Mac

It has outputs for almost all the mobile devices, so you can start getting DVD movie library ready for your Apple/Android/Windows Tablets and Smartphones like Kindle Fire HDX, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro, Galaxy Note Pro, Galaxy S5, Google Nexus 7, Google Nexus 10, Nexus 4, Google Nexus 5, Sony Xperia Z2, Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, etc… This is definitely a good gift for frequent travelers if you already bought a tablet or a smartphone for your mom.

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Warmth of spring days, here comes Hailey’s 22th birthday, who is a warm and generous girl works for Pavtube Studio.

Birthday is very important day for everyone because if means growth. Hailey constantly endeavours to her work, hence Pavtube would like to let her take the day off, send her a mystery present and throw a party for her with every staff of Pavtube Studio.

Details of the party:
Time: April 29, 2014
Place: Pavtube company
Members: All staff
Theme: jazz dance&music party
celebrate birthday Come and bless Hailey a unforgettable birthday!

No matter whether you’ve tried Pavtube software or not, pay attention to this article, here’re some benefits for you too!~ Be here to wish: Happy birthday, Hailey!

Get a part of Hailey’s birthday! to get DVD Ripper offers~

1. Download our questionnaire and fill the info to get 30% OFF!
2. Share our event to your friends to get 40% OFF~
3. Participate Hailey’s Day and get 50% off by sharing your photo with “I Love Pavtube”!

Let’s collect blessings from all over the world to this lovely girl^^Come and bless Hailey a unforgettable birthday!Be here we hope all of you are wish “Hailey’s birthday” and you just moving finger share this article to a network resource(like Forum, Website, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Digg, etc.), you can contact our customer service to get our welfare….

About Pavtube Studios

Founded in 2007, Pavtube creates expert multimedia software applications that help consumers access, transfer and share their digital content across different devices that range from PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones, to HD media players, game consoles, and home theatre systems.

On the basis of computer OS, Pavtube products are divided into two categories – Windows solutions and Mac solutions, backing up, ripping, transcoding, compressing, and editing Blu-rays/DVDs.

With creativity, expert knowledge as well as cutting-edge technology, Pavtube helps consumers throughout the world enjoy more in a digitally connected audio-visual world. See http://www.pavtube.cn for more information.

From: http://mediaconverting.blogspot.com/2014/04/happy-birthday-to-hailey.html

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Description: Pavtube is offering Easter Day Special Discount for everyone who would like to create memories and save special moments by enjoying BD/DVD movies and HD Videos on Easter Day.

Easter Sunday 2014 is April 20 and it would soon arrive. What do people do usually on Easter Day? Many churches hold special services on Easter Sunday, which celebrate the Jesus Christ’s resurrection after his crucifixion. Many people also decorate eggs. These can be hard boiled eggs that can be eaten later, but may also be model eggs made of plastic, chocolate, candy or other materials. It is also common to organize Easter egg hunts. Eggs of some form are hidden, supposedly by a rabbit or hare. People, especially children, then search for them. In some areas, Easter egg hunts are a popular way for local businesses to promote themselves or may even be organized by churches.

This year’s Easter Day, people could not only keep their tradition to celebrate the Christian belief of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead as usual, but also apply for a new way to memorize Jesus’s sacrifice by sharing religious movies with friends and family members on mobile devices or streaming to TV via home network.

easter day sales Easter Day Deals – Up to 40% discount offered by Pavtube Facebook

Pavtube Studio is offering special discount to celebrate this year’s Easter Day from April 18 to April 25 (ByteCopy special offer starts on April 21). All Pavtube BD/DVD programs are on sale. The products will enable users to backup, convert, transcode, compress and edit source Blu-ray/DVD movies to a preferred format for your mobile phones, tablets, or smart TV so you would have a chance to experience the Easter Day traditions at home with help of Pavtube.

What can you expect for Pavtube Easter Sunday Special Offer?

40% Off: Pavtube DVD Ripper for Win/Mac

$21 to get the powerful DVD ripping tool – Pavtube DVD Ripper (Get Mac version) to backup DVD disc, convert DVD folder, and edit DVD IFO/ISO file to virtually any video and audio type for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Samsung, HTC, Acer, ASUS and other devices.

30% Off: Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper for Win/Mac

Only $34.3 for Pavtube’s best seller – Blu-ray Ripper (Get Mac version) that rips Blu-ray and DVD to PC, iPad, Android tablets and many more as well as copy the disc content with original BD/DVD structure..

20% Off: Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate/iMedia Converter for Mac

Originally $65 but now on sale in $52 for Video Converter Ultimate (Get Mac version), the all-inclusive multimedia toolbox which integrates all the features of a blu-ray ripper, a dvd ripper and a video converter.

20% Off: Pavtube ByteCopy for Win/Mac

Starts on April 21 and end on April 25, the Easter Sunday offer to get ByteCopy (Get Mac version) with 20% off, an easy-to-use tool of the ability of backing up BD/DVD to multi-track MKV and converting disc content to almost all popular video and audio formats with few clicks.

More information about Pavtube Easter Sunday Deal can be found on Pavtube official Facebook page, and you could read more about Pavtube programs on Pavtube website.

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Tricks for ripping Transformers DVDs to Nabi 2 tablet so that your Kids can view DVD movies on Nabi 2 anywhere.


Nabi 2 is a tablet PC tailored for kids, and children can use it to watch their favorite animated movies. Some parents download or purchase the video contents through online store for Nabi tablet, while others choose to upload their own videos. If you have bought a number of DVDs like Transformers series movies for your children, you can consider copying the DVD movies to Nabi 2 tablet for your children. This article will teach you how to do this.

nabi 2 Transfer Transformers DVD movies to Nabi 2 tablet for your Kids

To get the work done, we need to get some help from a DVD Ripping program. There are many programs out there that allow you to make copies of your DVDs and let you watch them the way you want to view them. You may be confused about choosing a most suitable tool. If so, I highly recommend you try Pavtube DVD Ripper. It is easy to use for editing and conversion and makes great quality copies of DVD movies. The audio/video synchronization is very good, the size of the subtitles too. The time it takes to convert in this software is almost half that in other. The Mac version is Pavtube DVD Ripper for Mac. Just download it and follow the step-by-step guide to rip and transfer your Transformers DVD movies to Nabi 2 tablet for your Kids.

How to Rip and Convert Transformers DVD movies for playing on Nabi 2

The quick start guide below uses DVD Ripper Windows(Windows 8.1/8/7 included) screenshots. The way to transcode DVD movies to Nabi 2 tablet on Mac is almost the same. Just make sure you get the right version according to your computer operating system.

Step 1: Download, install and launch the excellent DVD Ripper, and then click “DVD icon” to load the Transformers DVD movie from the disc. You can also add DVD discs, ISO image files, IFO files and DVD Folders to the program.

dvd to nabi 2 Transfer Transformers DVD movies to Nabi 2 tablet for your Kids

Step 2: Select output format in the “Format” bar. Here I suggest you choose Common Video >> H.264 Video(*.mp4).

nabi 2 video format Transfer Transformers DVD movies to Nabi 2 tablet for your Kids

Tip: Click on Settings you could easily set bitrate, frame rate, codec, channels, sample rate, etc to adjust parameters that affect video quality and file size for the video you prefer. After that, you can click on “Save as” to rename the profile, such as “Nabi 2 Tablet (*.mp4)”. Next time, you can easily find it in “Custom” category.

Step 3: When you are satisfied with all the settings, you can click “Convert” and let the software do the Transformers DVD to Nabi 2 MP4 conversion. After the ripping, you can click “Open” to locate the converted MP4 video files and just transfer them to your Nabi 2 Kids tablet without limitations!

Additonal Tips:

If your movie isn’t already in one of the Nabi 2 supported formats or it’s still on a DVD or a DVD, you can get the Video Converter Ultimate (or the iMedia Converter Mac) which can help you rip Blu-ray/DVD, and convert various formats of 720p/1080p HD videos in MKV, AVI, TiVo, VOB, MPG, MTS, etc. to your Nabi 2, Nabi Tablet and other Android, iOS, Windows RT/Pro os based tablets/phones for smoothly playing.

See also:

Transcode Audio and Video to Kids Tablet
Play Disney Blu-ray movie on Fuhu DreamTab for all Kids
Convert Blu-ray, DVD Movies and HD Videos to VTech InnoTab 3S and InnoTab 3 Kids Tablet

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HTC One M8 Ace leaks online

April 9th, 2014 | Posted by mobmshare in Special - (0 Comments)

The HTC One (M8) was just announced a few weeks ago, but today we’re seeing what looks like the first of several M8 variants HTC has planned for the rest of 2014. A blurry photo of the device, allegedly called the HTC One (M8) Ace, was posted online earlier today by @evleaks, who has a solid track record when it comes to leaking new devices. Soon afterward a second picture of the same phone from HTC tipster @HTCFamily_RUappeared, this time without the blurred screen and clearly running Sense 6 software.

HTC One M8 Ace Leak HTC One M8 Ace leaks online

Unfortunately, today’s photo doesn’t tell us much of anything about the M8 Ace. The device apparently comes in red and boasts extremely thin bezels. It also appears to feature massive speaker grilles along the entire top on bottom of the front panel, though that could just be the poor image quality we’re seeing.

Last month when HTC announced the One (M8), @evleaks hinted that the company was also planning an M8 Mini and M8 Ace. Based on that lineup we’d guess the Ace is probably a super-sized version of the flagship phone, similar to last year’s HTC One Max. It could also be a cheaper full-sized version of the M8 or something else entirely. There’s no way to know for now, though hopefully HTC will make another announcement soon.

See also:

13 must-have apps for your new Android smartphone
HTC One (M8) Dot View Cover Review
iPhone 6 Mockups Provide a Look at Apple’s Potential Mobile Future

From: http://www.technobuffalo.com/2014/04/08/htc-one-m8-ace-leaks-online-in-mysterious-new-photo/

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Summary: Perhaps you are a DVD lover, and want to copy your precious DVD for watching on PC, TV or other devices. Any solution to get DVD playable without limitation? Now get the best Mac DVD Ripper now to rip your DVDs to any format on Mac.

DVD is a digital optical disc storage format, however commercial DVDs are usually CSS protected. In order to back up and make a copy of your DVDs, you need to rip your DVD first and extract video from DVDs to hard drive or portable devices for watching. Have you tried some conversion software like format factory, MakeMKV? Not so satisfied with the conversion effect? Looking for Alternative Mac version? Starting from today, you will no worry about the conversion any more since you own this professional DVD converter for Mac――Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac.

It’s an easy-to-use Mac tool which has helped thousands of customers to backup files from Blu-ray discs and standard DVDs to MKV container format with lossless quality,preserving all audio tracks, subtitles tracks, chapter information (chapter markers) and original videos. More than lossless output, Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac is possible to recode the source movie into MKV/MP4/MOV/M4V video with certain video/audio codecs. It provides hundreds of preset output formats for you to convert the BD/DVD movies to compatible format for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire HD, Microsoft Surface, WDTV, etc. 

dvd iso ifo to iphone5s 5c DVD Ripper Mac   Rip DVD to Any Video/Audio on Mac

Online user manual

Mac: http://www.pavtube.cn/bytecopy-mac/user-manual-on-line.html
Windows: http://www.pavtube.cn/bytecopy/user-manual-on-line.html

Key Features:

  • Backup Blu-ray and DVD movies to MKV on Mac with multi audio tracks, subtitles, and chapter markers without quality loss.
  • Convert/rip/shrink/copy the latest releases of Blu-ray movies for playback on iOS/Android/Windows devices and HD Players.
  • Produce a decent 1080p MKV file in the original 16:9 ratio from BD movie.
  • One-click to copy/backup the full disc to local with super fast speed.
  • Add SRT, ASS, SSA subtitles to BD/DVD movies.

In a word, it’s an all-in-one Blu-ray and DVD ripper and converter to save. With it, people can choose to save multiple audio tracks and subtitles for free switching during playback. Give it a try and you will be in love with it. For users who also own a large Blu-ray/DVD collection and don’t need multi-tracks, you can try Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper for Mac.

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Summary: Pavtube iOS Data Recovery software giveaway for iPhone/iPad/iPod users, users can backup and recover their lost data free with this giveaway.

Pavtube Studio is Giveaway iOS Data Recovery on GiveawayOfTheDay.com on March 3, 2014.PavtubeiOS Data Recovery is the best iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and iTunes data recovery software, Users can now backup and restore their data for free.

ios data recovery giveaway Get Free iPad/iPod/iPhone Data Recovery Software from Pavtube

The link of the giveaway page:


Pavtube iOS Data Recovery is designed for users who have the need to backup existing data, and restore the lost data from iOS devices and iTunes backup file, such as call history, contacts, photos, SMS messages, iMessages, notes, calendars, reminders, voice memos, and more.

“iOS Data Recovery is a pretty new software released in the New Year. And the reason why we provide this giveaway is to help more users to recover their lost iOS and iTunes data on either Windows or Mac computers. And also we hope to get more advices and suggestions from them to make the software more user-friendly.” said Betty Yu, the brand’s manager.

There are likely thousands of accidental occasions that one may lose iOS data, water-damaged, failure to update iOS, unsuccessful jailbreak, device stolen, unexpected factory restoring, Google Account changing, etc. Pavtube iOS Data Recovery was right designed to help people out of those bad occasions.

From iTunes Backup file, users are able to restore 11 types of data without the iOS device, such as Photo Stream, Camera Roll (including videos), iMessages & SMS Messages, Call History, Contacts, Notes, Reminders, Safari Bookmarks, Voice Memos, Calendar, and Message Attachments.

While for data not backup with iTunes, users can get back 7 types with the iOS device, such as Call History, Contacts, Messages, Notes, Reminders, Calendar, and Safari Bookmarks. All recoverable data can be previewed and are selectable in the software, except the videos. And all of the above great features are included in this giveaway.

This giveaway is for users with any generations of Apple devices such as iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS, iPad Air/Mini/4/3 (New iPad)/2/1 and iPod touch. And users can download either Windows or Mac versions to work on the right operation system.

“We hope both our users and us can get much help and information from this giveaway.” Concluded Betty, “And as always, this giveaway on GiveAwayOfTheDay is providing the latest official version from Pavtube with offers to upgrade and get other relative Pavtube software.”

From: http://1080p-video-tool.blogspot.com/2014/03/pavtube-ios-data-recovery-giveaway.html

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Top 10 Best Android Christmas Apps

December 25th, 2013 | Posted by mobmshare in Special - (1 Comments)

2013 Christmas Holiday activities are afoot. Regardless or traditional Christmas images of snow, sleigh bells and open fires, Christmas is celebrated differently all over the place. In this article, I will introduce top 10 Best featured Android Christmas Apps for you. What’s more, you can keep on reading to get more Xmas Gifts. Just start your journey now!

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” When eight-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon wrote in a letter to the editor of New York’s Sun on September 21, 1897, and asked if there really was a Santa Claus, those famous words were printed as the title of an unsigned editorial, and they ring as true today as they did over 100 years ago.

christmas Top 10 Best Android Christmas Apps

With the Christmas Day coming, Christmas apps abound in the Play Store, and we took a sampling of ten that we particularly liked and thought you might enjoy. There are a few Live Wallpapers – one of the perks of Android, and certainly a way to remind you of the holidays, each and every time you look at your phone.

  • 10. Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper

Christmas Link Live Wallpaper Top 10 Best Android Christmas Apps

Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper is a wonder way to remember the holidays – three village scenes with various skaters, pretty snowfall, and twinkling Christmas lights – and you can chose and set these items. When you touch one of the skaters, they will speed up, double tap on your screen and the settings menu will pop-up so you can toggle on/off the many options.

GRAB IT HERE  from the Google Play Store.

  • 9. Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper

Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper Top 10 Best Android Christmas Apps

Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper is one of my favorites to liven up my Note 3′s big screen – Select from a Standard, Happy, Frozen and Poinsettia, tree, and from there you can choose lots of lights, snow, garland, and ornaments to adjust and you can even have Christmas music playing if you would like.

GRAB IT HERE  from the Google Play Store.

  • 8. Christmas HD

Christmas HD Top 10 Best Android Christmas Apps

Christmas HD is another Live Wallpaper, but it gives you a 3D effect. It has almost 5,500 reviews with a 4.8 out of 5.0 rating and made by DualBoot, you know it has to be good. You can customize every part of the scene, including inserting your own picture over the fireplace mantle and your names on the stockings. Choose the color of lights, gifts and tree topper, and even leave Santa a customizable note and cookies…and all for only $.99. You can purchase optional add-on packs for even more customization!

GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.

  • 7. Christmas Live Wallpaper Full

Christmas Live Wallpaper Full Top 10 Best Android Christmas Apps

Christmas Live Wallpaper Full’ is self-described as a stunning 3D live wallpaper featuring a sparkling animated Christmas Tree of light, and an exciting Countdown to Christmas and the New Year. The Happy New Year has fireworks, a realistic 3D snow scene, magical sky lanterns to celebrate the Chinese / Lunar New year, plus a bonus Valentine ’s Day scene and a dedicated fireworks scene – 7 Wallpapers in 1 all for only $1.49.

GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.

  • 6. 100 Christmas Gifts Game

100 Christmas Gifts Game Top 10 Best Android Christmas Apps

100 Christmas Gifts Game is listed under the Brain & Puzzle section and reviewed by over 47,500 users with a 4.8 out of 5.0 rating and almost 10,700 Google+. This is an addictive “Room Escape” puzzle game for the entire family. Help Santa solve puzzles so he can advance to the next room of the house. It contains funny puzzles, artwork, great graphics and sound, and you can select your difficulty level…so after all the hustle and bustle, relax and play a good Christmas game.

GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.

  • 5. Christmas Mahjong Free

Christmas Mahjong Free Top 10 Best Android Christmas Apps

Christmas Mahjong is the classic Mahjong solitaire puzzle game with a Christmas theme and runs on either smartphones or tablets. It has more than 20 game boards to keep you challenged with varying levels of difficulty from casual to expert. Free version is fully unlocked and any in-app purchase will remove the ads.

GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.

  • 4. Christmas Ringtones

Christmas Ringtones Top 10 Best Android Christmas Apps

Christmas Ringtones is very popular with over 7,100 reviews with a 4.8 out of 5.0 rating and what better way to make your holidays festive than with Christmas ringtones…let everybody around you enjoy the spirit when they hear your festive ringtones. The app comes with some ringtones and you can download others for free, with new ones added all the time. There are even multicultural ringtones in various languages.

GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.

  • 3. Bubble Shooter: Christmas day

Bubble Shooter Christmas day Top 10 Best Android Christmas Apps

Bubble Shooter: Christmas Day is a special Christmas edition of the famous Bubble Shooter game. You try to clear the board by matching three or more sequences of the same color. Just like the original game and Candy Crush, it is very addictive and with the Christmas theme, there is no need to feel guilty about playing games while the relatives are visiting!

GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.

  • 2. Christmas Flow

Christmas Flow Top 10 Best Android Christmas Apps

Christmas Flow is another game with 150 new levels and a new graphic design, with 300 levels that are free. It is easy and fun to play and is suitable for adults or the kids can play it as well. They have reduced the Ads by 50-percent and increased performance. Graphics are so colorful and gameplay is fun, and will certainly put you in the Christmas mood.

GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.

  • 1. Christmas Drink Recipes

Christmas Drink Recipes Top 10 Best Android Christmas Apps

Christmas Drink Recipes – we had to throw some alcohol in for the holidays – wallpapers, ringtones, and games are nice, but so is a little drinky-poo while you are playing those games and visiting with all of the family. These recipes span the gamut from eggnog to cider punch. They are easy to follow and understand with step-by-step instructions. The bar tender will enjoy the app as much as the guest do drinking the creation.

GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.

We really hopes that you have some fun with your Christmas Apps and have a GREAT Holiday and a very Happy New Year.

What’s more, want more specials at this happy Christmas Day 2013?

Now take a look at Pavtube website to get more Software Promotions. They have offered many Xmas unique gifts for you to appreciate visitors and friends of the website and wanted to give you ten little Christmas nuggets that just might brighten your day. Visit to join the Money-saving trip – we would love to hear from you.

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Will you take your favorite BD/DVD discs with you for the journey to hometown this Christmas? Are you bothered by naughty kids who always like to throw discs to the air around or make noise during your work? Do you feel boring with no sound around during your housework?

Come on!Just build an e-library of your own Blu-ray/DVD discs from now on~

Wellcome to Pavtube Facebook Weekend Special Offer (Only Two Days)

weekend sale Win 40% OFF BD&DVD Tools to Play Christmas Movies

Get 40% discount for Pavtube Bytecopy for Windows or Mac users:

ByteCopy for Windows 40% off: https://usd.swreg.org/cgi-bin/s.cgi?s=48737&p=48737-78&q=1&v=0&d=0&rc=45K2D47VH9&a=fb-weekend-bc40%

ByteCopy for Mac 40% off: https://usd.swreg.org/cgi-bin/s.cgi?s=48737&p=48737-81&q=1&v=0&d=0&rc=45K2D47VH9&a=fb-weekend-bc40%

Pavtube ByteCopy is an all-in-one Blu-ray/DVD solution to meet all the needs of movie fans for multi-track backup and conversion.

Ease of use is the feature liked by every users as backup and conversion are only several clicks away on the straightforward interface.

Bytecopy also supports multi-track subtitles and audio language so that users are free to select preferred subtitle to see and listen.

Another remarkable feature is 3D effect output. It enables users to get fantastic visual experience.

With all these features, users will get easy access to watch movies on portable devices on the go, commute, or during journey on the plane, or train etc.

Learn more:


Don’t miss it and tell your friends as well!

It will be expired on 16-Dec,2013.

Other Christmas discount:

Now get 40% off for BD&DVD Ripper tool to play Christmas movies on your tablets/smart phone/TV etc at the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pavtubefans/app_161683100556760

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For celebrating the coming Christmas, Pavtube gives best Christmas gifts and biggest discount promotion to our customers for their undying support.

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.” Along with the cheerful songs, the annual traditional Christmas Day is coming. Christmas Day, the 25th of December, is the biggest festival celebrated in the Christian countries of the world. Christmas is also a family celebration. As any members of the family as possible gather to eat, play party games and watch the special Christmas programmes on TV. At Christmas, Santa Claus is indispensable which will bring presents for everyone.

Now it is good news for you that Pavtube Studio will play the role of Santa Claus to bring gifts for you. Now we are offering FREE apps and UP to 66% OFF promotion on our Chrstmas Best Sellers 2013. Many featured Blu-ray/DVD/Video Converters (both Windows and Mac versions are available) for you to celebrate the coming Christmas Day from December 10, 2013 to February 10, 2014.

christmas gifts 2013 Christmas Crazy Promotion with Up to 66% off and Buy One Get One Free

2013 Christmas Special Offer at Pavtube:

Part 1Freebies and Giveaway

Pavtube DVD Ripper (Win/Mac): A fun, easy and fabulous way to rip DVDs to various video formats with fast speed. Support adding SRT, ASS, SSA subtitles.

Pavtube Video DVD Converter Ultimate: Provides with full Blu-ray, DVD and video solutions for your ultimate multimedia entertainment needs. Users can edit videos and add subtitle files.

  • 30% OFF Deals 

Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper (Win/Mac): 1:1copy BD/DVD disc content; backing up only movie content without extras

Pavtube DVD Ripper (Win/Mac): The best DVD ripping software to convert DVD movies to MP4/AVI/MKV/WMV and many other video and audio formats with high quality.

  • 20% OFF Treats 

Pavtube Video Converter (Win/Mac): the best video editor and converter tool

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate (Win/Mac): An extremely powerful all-in-all app to meet every one of your Blu-ray, DVD and video conversion needs. Fast conversion speed and high quality conversion.

Part 2. Buy one Get One Free

a. Buy MTS/M2TS Converter (Win/Mac) – Handle AVCHD MTS/M2TS files in an easy way

You can get MKV Converter (Win/Mac) or FLV/F4V Converter (Win/Mac) for free.

b. Buy MXF Converter (Win/Mac) – Encode MXF clips for editing and playback.

You can get one of MKV Converter (Win/Mac), FLV/F4V Converter (Win/Mac), MOD Converter (Win/Mac), and TOD Converter (Win/Mac) for free.

c. Buy HD Video Converter (Win/Mac) – An all-in-one Video Converter to get your camera videos and TiVo recordings onto editors and players.

You can get DVD Creator (Win/Mac) for free.

d. Buy Media Megician (Win/Mac) - A nice camcorder assistant manager, lossless camcorder video joiner. An easy tool helping you to convert videos and upload to YouTube.

You can get DVD Creator (Win/Mac) for free.

Part 39.9 products:

a. MKV Converter - select wanted subs/audio/video track from MKV to be kept in the output files.

b. FLV/F4V Converter – convert, trim, crop FLV or F4V to other formats.

c. TOD Converter - fast convert, compress, and edit TODs from JVC camcorders for any portable devices.

d. MOD Converter – stream, convert and edit MOD recordings shot by camcorders(JVC, Panasonic, Sony)

Part 4: Sharing at your Facebook Page to get more discount

Share this activity on your face to get 20% Coupon on any product at Pavtube like the following ones:

a. ByteCopy (Windows/Mac)

b. MXF MultiMixer

c. iMixMXF

Click “Share on Facebook” button, insert “#PavtubeChristmas2013“, choose “Public“, and click “Share Link“. You will get another 20% coupon. The discounted link will be sent to your Facebook “Inbox” or “Other” within 24 hours on work days.

share on fb 2013 Christmas Crazy Promotion with Up to 66% off and Buy One Get One Free

If don’t receive message from strangers, please don’t forget to contact us for the discounted link via faq@pavtube.com.

Money-Saving Bundle - Save Up to $35

ByteCopy($42) + Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate($65) = Only $80, Save $27
ChewTune ($29) + Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate($65) = Only $75, Save $19
ChewTune($29) + ByteCopy($42) = Only $54, Save $17
ByteCopy($42) + DVD Creator($35) = Only $60, Save $17
ByteCopy($42) + MXF MultiMixer($45) = Only $70, Save $17
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